Call Me Britannica

As the old saw says,
We learn from our mistakes,
I've gotta be
"The Smartest Guy Around,"
For I've filled a warehouse with errors,
Generating a cottage industry
Of books that were written
To right the things that I got wrong...
    Like all the things that Edison did
    That I said couldn't be done
    That sailing west wouldn't get you east,
    That airplanes couldn't possibly fly
    That glacial ice would always be ice.
But learning from all the mistakes I made
I'm once again,
"The Smartest Guy Around."
And, though, I'll make some future mistakes
About Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, 
Flying taxis, the metaverse, etcetera,
I'll have a host of folks
To true up the muddle
Of my new mistakes
And keep me as,
"The Smartest Guy Around."