Empty Calories…Oh, So Good

Frederick, the Gout,
His Royal Obesity,
King of Carbo-Euphoria,
Pronounced fried dough
The official food of the kingdom…
The culinary signature of his realm,
The national staple,
The rice of Carbo-Euphoria.
A frizbee-sized disc of fried dough
Was a stipulated part of the daily diet.
But in their homes,
Away from the king’s watchers and snitches,
The Carbo-Euphorians threw away
Their deep-fry fat and powdered sugar,
And, subversively, sautéed broccoli
In a dash of olive oil
And broiled chicken with a rosemary rub
And hake in a sake marinade
And arrayed them on beds
Of bean sprouts and arugula.