From Rosencranz-Mollycoddle to Pelican, Gratefully

Ottofranz Pelican, 
Born Ottofranz Rosencranz-Mollycoddle
Spent agitated hours coming to terms
With his original surname.
His progenitors...Gustav Rosencranz
And Trudy Mollycoddle...
Egalitarian idealists...
Hyphenated their surnames,
Aware they'd likely need a more modern name,
But lacked the time to whittle the world's names 
To a singular, distinctive one,
Made harder still, since Mountbattan, 
Churchill and Dos Passos were already taken.
They could, of course, 
Have combined their names into one, 
But neither Rosencoddle nor Mollycranz
Were steps in the right direction.
Ottofranz, meanwhile would have accepted Lipschitz,
Instead of having to endure another minute
As Ottofranz Rosencranz-Mollycoddle.
But fate intervened on a vacation in the Keys,
When a pelican landed on their deck
With a curious grin and a flounder in its beak.
And they knew in a flash,
They'd change their last name to Pelican.