Intrigue in the Hall

Hallways in school are for going to class…
And breaking up.
In high school she broke up with a boy
On the way to math.
But he wasn’t despondent,
As she hoped he’d be.
He just said okay,
And turned from her and walked away.
Not even a ‘why’,
Or a ‘what did I do’,
Or a ‘what can I do to get you back.
Ten years later she saw him again.
He admitted then with self-confident grace,
That day in school he turned from her,
He had tears in his eyes,
Since the gleeful ease of having a girl
Was all of a sudden snatched away.
I knew it, I knew it,
I knew it, she said,
Despairing for years,
That he didn’t care.
But then,
He said,
As I walked from you,
Carolyn Canfield winked at me,
So I knew right away, I’d be okay.