Look Down, Look Down…the Signs Are There

Ped-xing on London streets,
We came paper-thin close
To cars bearing down
From the right... 
Who knew... 
Not from the left, as we do.
For left's from whence our traffic comes...
But not in this maritime nation,
Where traffic does from starboard come.
What's less sure
Is the forbearance of cabbies
And lorrymen 
And those moody in midday traffic
Stopped or slowed...
And having to grant instant indulgences
To those who step off, looking left.
So the pressure's on drivers to brake a lot
To avoid look-the-wrong-way tourists
    With pedestrian harm, though, front of mind   
    The civilized Burghers of London
    Had "Look Right" signs
    Painted on crosswalks,
    To remind us Yanks, just where we were.