My Coincidental Has a Telephonic Cavity

Now I don’t want to get type cast as a blogger of coincidences (see, Too Little Light in The Twilight Zone), but there have been too many woo-woo moments lately to let pass.

Though I’m sure it happens to everyone (I checked with a cousin and he, too, concurs) most phone calls to me lately are interrupted by another call coming in on top of it. We’re not saved by the second caller getting a busy signal and hanging up, but are alerted to the intrusion by call waiting. Now the onus in on us to take the call or not…and who doesn’t think this is the call offering a starring role in a Broadway show?

One day last week I got three calls…a slow phone day. But each was interrupted by an incoming call-waiting call. A few days later I hit the telephonic tri-fecta…a call came in on the house phone, when a call came in on the office phone. As I was juggling both, my cell phone rang. But later in the day I hit the Pick Five. An office call came in, interrupted by call-waiting. The house phone rang and then, of course, my cell phone chimed in…all within 15 seconds. So I’m dancing this telephonic quadrille, when the doorbell rang.

I squeezed one phone between my chin and my shoulder like a Stradivarius and held two phones (three calls) in one hand. With my free hand I opened the door. Without hands large enough to palm a basketball, the two phones slipped out of my one hand. As I reached for them, the Stradivarius came loose. Now I’ve got four calls skittering across the floor and there’s a woman at the door taking a survey about phone service.