The Poster Boy for Humility

Astrophysicists now conclude that we (they) know what only 4% of the universe is made of. Which means that they are only 4% ahead of me in knowing the makeup of, well, space. And I haven’t even been studying it that much.

I jest, because I am in slack-jaw awe of those who study areas I can’t even call by name. The theoretical sciences, higher math…I watch Good Will Hunting just to see the two problems on the hallway blackboards…and thank God that there are folks that understand this stuff. Because if you’re counting on me to discover the Fourth Dimension, you’re outta luck. Anything past third-week geometry and I’m on a slow-walk to confusion.

I mention this because I get the same feeling watching my Internet guru at work, putting together this web site and the attendant Twitter and Facebook links. He shows me how, but it could be Yoyo Ma showing me how easy it is to play the cello. Yoyo and Ernie (my Internet guru), I can play neither the Internet nor the cello. I don’t resist. I’m just not wired for either one.

Of course, Ernie compounds my feelings of isolation and alienation, when facing the Internet, by telling me of teenagers that really know computers a lot better than he does. Doesn’t that make me feel better.