To Solve a Problem, Dehumanize It

Food Insecurity
Is the new guilt-free name for Hunger...
One that flies in on the wings of corporate can-do.
Catchy name...Food Insecurity...
Doesn't sound like a human problem anymore,
But a business school project
Easily solved
By algorithms, logistics, statistics
And a bit of code to make it work.
The corporate types ask,
    Didn't you say something sooner,
    Before Hunger became a problem?
    All it needed was renaming
    To make it a business school assignment.
So it's no longer the good folks
With moral outrage who ladle soup
To help solve a problem
That's existed from Moses 'til now.
    Well, that was easy,
Say the MBAs.
    Now we've also heard 
    You've got a problem with malaria...
    Perhaps, we can help.