A Hole in the Net and the Fish Was Free

A farmed salmon
Slipped through a hole in the farm's net
And roamed free for a while...
But lost its nerve and looked for the hole 
To go back to the farm.
It was just about the time for breakfast...
Some tasteless flakes scattered on the water.
Living on the farm was mostly humdrum, 
Swimming aimlessly, waiting for a feeding...  
Three times a day... 
Always the same flakes, floating on the water.
But, at least, there was no brutal swim upstream 
To spawn,
Through a gauntlet of famished bears,
Clawing at the water.
    I'm telling you, that is scary.
Plus the farm's water is a tad warmer.
So exchanging bears and cold water
For guaranteed food and warmer water...
Well, it's an easy call.