A Perfect Getaway…Perhaps

In a shiver of fear, a possum lies as doggo as Juliet,
Exuding the sour reek of gastric distress.
Eventually, though, sensing less danger,
It banks the smell and scurries off. 
A chameleon, magical as Rembrandt, paints itself
To blend into whatever it's next to.  
A squid, like a pierced cartridge of CO2
Whooshes away, under the cover of inky clouds.
And humans, quite sure they're secure, 
Garrisoned behind safe room walls,
Smugly think they've blunted a bloodhound's senses
And feel somehow safe.
    But the possum, feigning death too often,
    May not be as careful this time, as last.
    Or maybe a squid's ink thins a bit,
    Too flimsy a veil now to cover escape.
    Or a chameleon's palate of camo colors
    May lack some hues for blending well.
    And surely a hound, that bays at our walls,
    Will alert the one who holds his leash
    That someone's in there.
It's better to hope a more toothsome prey
Will distract our pursuers.