A Shout of “Mister” Rang Out

In a super market parking lot
A woman shouted, "Mister".
Then, more insistent, "Mister, Mister".
I paid no attention...
Surely, it wasn't meant for me.
But the shout of, "Mister, Mister", persisted.
So I turned to make sure,
That I wasn't the mister she meant...
But I was.
"Mister" your avocado,
You didn't put it in your bag.
She handed me the avocado 
I left behind.
And I, most grateful, gave my thanks,
Which must have embarrassed her,
Since, self-effacing, she turned
And faded quickly into the mists of good deeds.
And me, I smiled,
Knowing I escaped the despair
Of a lost avocado.