It’s Sunday…Let’s Do Decadence

A leisurely winter Sunday brunch,
Now of sated memory,
Even moistened-finger crumbs were gone.
Our empty plates were swept away,
So, she asked,
Now what'll we do?
     Do about what?
You know,
We're done eating,
Now what do you want to do?
    We can't take a walk...
    Too cold and a wind.
A movie, she asked.
    We've got movies to stream, waiting at home.
A museum?
    Nah, I'd feel pressure to learn
    And I'd rather be lazy.
She brightened...I've got an idea.
Let's go downtown
To the place we found for baklava
And take some home and watch a movie.
    A half-hour subway and a four-block walk.
    Then a four-block walk and a subway home?
    And you know as well as I
    That you'll want a couple at the bakery
    And a cappuccino with it.
    Then it's dinnertime by the time we get home.
Right, she said,
Then we'll order in pizza
And watch a movie.