Money Calls

The unsolicited robo call...
The "we need 10 more donations 
In the next half hour" call...
The "would you take a quick survey" call"...
The "I'm glad you picked up,
My mother-in-law's calling on the other line" call...
The dinner-time "your new-car warrantee is up 
And you need auto repair coverage" call...
May each of them be seethed in sour milk 
And broken dreams...forever,
Since robo calls are hard not to answer,
Even in the midst of a carnal fling, 
Since it might be   
Publishers Clearing House calling,
with news that you've won
An extra few grand a month for life.
Who wouldn't put pleasure on hold
To shriek and snuffle like a lunatic,
That you've never won anything in your life...
Just make sure they know the address 
To send the checks.