Old Friends

22 June 2014

It always happens.

Old friends that we have made room for in the closets of our lives, suddenly move. Not suddenly, perhaps, but the idea has been on a low flame on a back burner for a long time. Retirement, talked about for five, ten years in the distant future, crests like hikers coming over a hill. And what seemed too distant to have thought about is suddenly here. They’ve worked to get to this high point, to the easy down side of the hill. And now the time we kept putting off in our minds is upon us. The move is now real…and what is exciting to them, is a vast disappointment to a circle of friends, staying behind…whose circle is now smaller.

Most of us don’t keep notes to remember everything we did as friends. We just know our amorphous history together and the chemistry that existed to make us friends. And that same chemistry created the bonds that kept us together. Of course, there are things easy to remember…Larry’s prowess on a golf course, as well as his throws from third base that sailed over first base into the stands (we played softball for more than 20 years). But more, we’re aware of his innate charm and gift of association that would have made him a wonderful statesman. But, lucky for us, a wonderful, indispensable friend. And legendary Jane who taught and mentored decades of students and taught student teachers and taught professional enhancement courses to teachers and will be teaching online courses in retirement. Jane of Mid-western warmth, willing laugh and quick-witted banter…and prowess on a golf course, too.

These are not people to be replaced. We can only be grateful they’ve left loving footprints on our lives. But now with social media, Skype, cell phone and texting…and airplanes…hopefully, they will always remain a real part of our lives.