The Tale of the Tattooed Bride

In satiny innocence the bride
Walked down the aisle, bouquet in hand,
Demure and fresh-faced ‘neath her veil…
An arm tattooed with barbed wire band.
Perhaps a one-time indiscretion,
This youthful splash of verdigris.
But no, her low-cut gown revealed
A patch of tattooed fleur-de-lis.
And as she walked in cadenced gait,
Her back showed more tattooed excess…
A dragon’s tail her shoulder flicked,
And disappeared beneath her dress.
It’s fiery breath warmed dorsal parts
That we were not invited to,
And so could only speculate
On other scenes her groom would view.
She walked back up the aisle now wed,
Her left arm did more stories prove…
A heart tattooed “Forever Bob”,
A prior love not yet removed.