The Backdraft Was a Fright

Fireman Driscoll
In full protective regalia,
Squeezed into the apartment.
The air, terrified by his size,
Escaped into the hallway,
Causing a whoosh and a ripple of dust
That rose in his wake.
He turned to face us,
Knocking a closet door off its hinges.
His helmet collided with a high-hanging
Crystal chandelier,
Sending it into a fatal, floor-bound spin.
He walked wide,
Scraping artwork off the walls.
There could be no polite offer of refreshments,
Since we were all out of vat-size drinks.
We called because a carbon monoxide detector
Registered 30, not its usual 0.
He reset it to 0,
Saying it happens all the time.
Then he tripped on the broken chandelier,
Going out the door,
Righting himself with a hand to the wall...
The carpenter next week 
Will fix the sheetrock.