The Myth of the Starter House

We bought a starter house,
A smaller house,
A house we'd learn on,
Before buying our real house.
So we wouldn't have to be real careful,
Because this is the house,
We'd be out of in no time.
This is the one we'd make our mistakes on...
The one we'd buy too small a hot water heater for,
The one we'd buy the best-of-the-best
New double-hung windows for,
Because we'd get our money back,
When the house got sold...
Ditto the double-door, top of the line
Stainless steel refrigerator...
Hot and cold running water in the door...
Because it, too, we'd make back on the sale,
Of course, we stayed longer than we thought,
So the roof developed leaks
And had to be replaced.
Surely, we thought we'd be out of there,
By the time the second baby came...
That was the plan.
But we're still paying off the windows
And the roof and the refrigerator...
And the lease for a car,
So the wife could go to work
And help pay off the starter house bills.