Too Little Light in the ‘Twilight Zone’

From the Department of Scary Coincidence let me enter the following. Friends and I were at a restaurant, sitting at the end table in a line of tables, restaurant-close. A friend and I were closest to the next table and he related, the last time here, he was sitting in the exact seat. And at the next table, coincidently, were old friends, the Dorfmans…not a name you hear every day. At the mention of the name, ‘Dorfman’, both folks next to us straightened up from their plates, glanced at each other and turned toward us. My friend said apologetically„ ‘I’m sorry, was I talking too loud?’ ‘No,’ said the husband, ‘our name is Dorfman.’

A coincidence like that cannot go unexplored. Talking revealed they lived in the same town as the previous Dorfman; he was a lawyer, as is the previous Dorfman; and their religious affiliation is the same as the previous Dorfmans. Both Dorfmans have two children, a boy and a girl each. Both previous and present Dorfmans (the men) were tall with little topside hair.

Fortunately, our meals arrived and the four of us went back to eating and not coincidentalizing. There’s just not enough light in the Twilight Zone for me.