What’s Good for the Goose, Aggrevates the Gander

Turning to me from her spouse,
She said,
I’m going to talk to you,
Since my husband’s in a chat
With a woman friend
He spied walking past.
He seems too friendly,
Talking to her.
And she’s too kittenish,
Talking to him…
So I’ll talk to you.
And you,
I smiled,
Out of the blue,
Talking to me.
It seems the same,
As you husband’s game.
Except I don’t know you,
And he knows her,
She cryptically said,
Discerning a whiff of difference.
Both conversations over,
I heard him ask,
And who was that?
Oh, you noticed,
She said provocatively.
And I, discreetly, slipped away.