Who Controls the Oven, Controls the Mynah

Mona, a mini mynah,
Shrieked to have the cover 
Taken off her cage. 
It's dawn, I'm up,
I'm hungry, I'm thirsty.
I smell the coffee, so I know you're up.
I don't want anything special...
Just what a world-class talking mynah
Should have, which is anything I want,
Since you're showing me off
Like a freak at 50 cents a ticket...
To customers lined up around the block.
I can do mute, you know.
Have you listened to a mute mynah?
Quiet as a pin drop.
    Hey, Roman, you got the oven turned on.
    Mona's got a mind to go mute.
    Seems to have gotten a bit persnickety...
    Is that a word you can say, Mona...persnickety?
You know I can't say 'p' words.
    Well, maybe, you can practice it
    Along with pompous and pusillanimous.
Then will you turn off the oven?    
    Perhaps, if you perfect a plethora of 'p' words.