Comfort in Another’s Shoes?

Better you than me,
A Sherpa stuck at base camp thought,
As a dot-sized climber disappeared,
High above on wind-swept slope,
Etching new steps in the snow
To spend a moment at the top,
Then turn to beat the darkness down.
But Sherpa lounging burden-free,
Said, smiling, better you than me.

Better you than me,
A land lubber mused,
As a sailor set sail
In a single-mast boat,
Compulsive as Ahab,
To cross the sea.
And the land lubber waved,
Best wishes to thee,
But better, matey, you than me.

Better you than me,
Say I, who’d rather open sky
To where spelunkers go…
Far underground with flashlight hats,
To crawl to tighter, darker spots
In hopes that they will open out
To caves and caverns, crystal-lined.
And I along with most agree,
Better, brother, you than me.